Felicity Jay – Well, she’s a fantastic hydrotherapist and absolutely lovely person. I had had about 10 colonics before I saw Felicity and to be honest, I will never go back to them. I felt amazing after the first treatment and completely amazed by the second one. I have never felt unblocked, cleared like that ever I don’t think. What a wonderful person – I will never forget this and hope I can travel down at some point. Easy to build a fantastic rapport with Felicity



What to say?? Fliss is technically brilliant in everything she does whether that’s doing her detox retreats, giving a massage or a colonic. However the ‘X’ factor that she brings to her work is something else entirely – the space that she creates and the open-heartedness she brings into it is truly inspirational. After a week of ‘all of the above’ I feel clear, centred and excited about getting back to the ‘real’ world. I feel inspired to be (even!) better than before – the experience has changed me. So, gratitude, love and respect to you and in the words of the next president of the U.S. “I’ll Be Back!!”



Hubby insisted I “did” something to help myself and I found you! What a miracle. That first colonic was an amazing experience and thanks to you I’m starting to regain control of my own body! Not only are you fantastic at what you do, but you do it with tact, grace and understanding. I thank the Gods the day I found you on the net. Bless you hun



Having never had a colonic, I imagined they were icky, dirty and generally unpleasant. Felicity put me at ease and in fact the whole process was extremely clean and very relaxing. You feel rejuvenated and completely energised after. Add to that the huge favour you are doing your colon and your body and you’ll keep doing these forever. I certainly will and definitely with Felicity!



You have quite simply changed my life – in many perspectives. After 10 years of not being able to go to the loo – and being on medication for the same period of time – I’m now a once a day girl(!) with no medication (just a huge glass of green juice a day)! Not only that but you’ve given me the spiritual and emotional strength and energy to make a big turning point career wise. I feel blessed to have met you – I can’t thank you enough – I never thought this could be me. With much love



I hesitated for a very long time and saw two other nutritionalists before I decided to see Felicity and have a colonic and WOW! After two days I was like a new person. I not only feel physically better, but my whole attitude is changing. All her advice really works and very quickly. I’m telling all my friends who are struggling the same way. Many thanks. Forever grateful.



When I first saw Fliss I saw how healthy and vibrant she looked and felt envious. Now, with her wonderful help, I feel energised, awake and more alive than I have done for years. Thank you so much for making such a difference to my life!



Wow. Splendid. So glad I followed my intuition/feelings to try a new colonic-y person. Feeling loved, calm. Really like your way! Thanks. Love


Dear Fliss Thank you so

Dear Fliss
Thank you so much for the two sessions of colonics so far. What can I say…it’s an incredible experience on so many levels I highly to anyone wishing to improve their mental and physical health. The Number 3 powder is so lovely tasting and has wonderful ingredients in it. After my first session I felt very light and energized, I was up to 2am without feeling tired. It was also very educational which is what I love about the whole experience.
I also love the coffee enema at the end. Your abdominal massage is just too awesome..oh, and the tuning fork – love it.
See you soon !


Felicitys easy, reassuring, compassionate nature

Felicitys easy, reassuring, compassionate nature directed by her professionalism, vast knowledge and profound intuition makes her an amazingly effective therapist. She inspires and supports me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be and gives so much of herself in every session. The therapeutic environment is full of light and I leave feeling revitalised and ready to meet the world anew!
Thank you x

Katherine Ashworth

Thanks for your wonderful colonics

Thanks for your wonderful colonics Fliss ..as always it’s an amazing experience.

Ileana nguyen

I’ve known of the benefits

I’ve known of the benefits of colonics for many years and have been to quite a few different therapists so when I heard of this fantastic therapist in Glastonbury I was very interested to get a session with her, I’m very glad I did – Felicity is superb at what she does, I’ve had two colonics with her now and just experienced the most gorgeous massage too, Felicity is top notch at what she does and I’m willing to bet she’ll deliver over and above on any expectation you may have. Thankyou so very much Felicity for your knowledge and understanding and expertise in this field, so glad to have made your acquaintance.

David Thomas

I have been interested in

I have been interested in having a colonic irrigation for some time, and whilst chatting to someone, Felicity was recommended to me. I had been experiencing a very poorly digestive system for a year and a half,which after numerous tests by NHS was told that I had ibs and to just “get on with it”…. So I booked a session….Felicity immediately allows her clients to feel completely at ease…and the process itself was amazing….I have been taking powder #3 and probiotics regularly and after the very first session my digestion is reworking as it should…I have since had 3 more sessions…everyone I know have remarked on how well I look…skin clearer and brighter…very little bloating and although I haven’t done this to lose weight, I have lost 8lbs…. Felicity is a marvel and I would highly recommend her services.

Jayne Tumber

There are not words deep

There are not words deep enough to
a/ thank Felicity and b/ describe the power of what she does. Having been diagnosed with severe ‘ulcerative colitis’ and tried every option available over 18months, chemical / infusions /acupuncture / self help, experimenting, research etc I was desperate for help as I was told my whole Colon would need to be removed and stoma bag attached. Felicity was recommended to me and from the moment I walked into her clinic, I knew this lady knew her craft. She was professional, efficient, friendly and spot on with exactly what I personally needed rather than treating me as another no. I will definitely continue treatment with Felicity and if I have any future issues I will see her. This lady tunes into you… Diagnosis you…as an individual..with depth, care, understanding and love. Thank you again.
All the best…

Judi Martin-Clark

Felicity is a absolute star!

Felicity is a absolute star! So happy I went to see her and booked in for 3 sessions. I had always been interested in colonics and so happy I found Felicity. I feel great about myself and your body feels so good!! She is a lovely lady, easy to talk to and makes you feel so much better about yourself. Thank you SO much. <3 I’ve already booked my next session in June! See you then xx

Rose Mcloughlin

Fliss is an exceptional colonic

Fliss is an exceptional colonic therapist and body worker. I have had treatments all over the world and feel utterly blessed to have found her on my doorstep! She is “the best”. My body is lovingly brought back to life, pain gone, peace restored plus I have managed to finally quit wheat & gluten after years of trying with her help. Fliss supports you in becoming the best, most healthy version of yourself. I am so grateful & cannot recommend her highly enough. I waited too long to make that initial call. If you are ready to take the next step on your journey towards better health & healing Fliss will know what to do to support, guide & heal you.
Rachael 💖

Rachael Lettieri

I’ve been seeing Felicity since

I’ve been seeing Felicity since the beginning of July and I can’t imagine that there’s a more loving angel out there! She’s kind, sharing, considerate, incredibly knowledgeable and a fabulous therapist. And, she’s changed my life. I look forward to my visits and always leave feeling awesome and full of energy. I highly recommend her. Julie

Julie Tennant

Felicity Jay is amazing! Actually

Felicity Jay is amazing! Actually she is more than amazing – she has helped change my life and outlook on life .

My first consultation I was a little nervous; having a colonic is scary as it is but from the start of the consultation I was made to feel at ease and relaxed. This helped me to open up to Felicity which in turn allowed the consultation to be highly effective. I cannot thank Felicity on the time she spends with each person, getting to know them and looking at ways to help with pretty much all aspects of life; A happy gut = a happy life after all!

Very professional, very engaging and understanding, knowledgable on a array of topics, and able to build a real connection which for me I find quite hard usually!

Have had 3 or 4 colonic Sessions with Felicity now and definitely feel the benefits. Will continue to keep booking in my sessions. Thank you so much!

Jade steer

Both myself and partner went

Both myself and partner went to see Fliss two weeks ago for what we thought was going to be a colonic irrigation appointment. We have never experienced just how amazing Fliss is.
She is like an angel, very attentive, spiritual healer.
I am truly overwhelmed with how she has helped in just 2 visits.
We are now on our journeys with Fliss both as individuals and together as a couple.
Thank you so much Fliss
Ali & Baz

alison fewins

I feel very lucky to

I feel very lucky to have found Felicity, the way she works is unique and special. I felt a huge difference in my energy levels after just one session, and many of my muscle aches have disappeared completely. Each time I see her I leave feeling even better, inspired and refreshed on many levels. I highly recommend putting yourself in her capable hands!

Michaela Sharne

Fliss is a very skilled

Fliss is a very skilled and experienced colonic hydrotherapist, her holistic knowledge of the body is profound. My digestion and absorption has improved dramatically thanks to Fliss advice.
The consultation was way beyond my expectations and great value for money.
You can relax and be confident that you will be in good hands with Fliss

Linda Lo Curto

I have been working with

I have been working with Felicity for several years now due to an ongoing chronic bowel condition and I admire her greatly. She is an extremely unique , highly skilled therapist and has supported me in making changes that enable me to cope with my condition. I have always trusted her totally and appreciated her honesty and her ability to help point me in the right direction. Felicity cares deeply about people; she intuitively understands what her clients need and offers a safe, healing space in which to be. Her many skills as a therapist bring to her work extensive knowledge of health and healing on different levels which she presents with wisdom, compassion, love and sensitivity – and a good sense of humour. I always feel uplifted at the end of each session.
I cannot praise her enough; a truly beautiful soul with very special gifts.

Edie Quilter

Where to begin!! I

Where to begin!! I guess simply with my first appointment for Hydrotherapy.

When the beautiful and enigmatic Fliss opened the door to me, her vibrant yet calming energy was immediately apparent. She made feel instantly welcome as we sat together going through my Hydrotherapy form. She was thorough but not intrusive as we navigated through my necessary medical history. The whole feel of the clinic was so aptly serene with gentle and beautiful perfectly matched music. Very thoughtfully, Fliss had the most devine essential oils atomising in the air, subtle like a whisper, just enough to be heard.

After spending some considerable time listening to me and my emotional blockages (that I never even realised I had) I was softly shown to the changing room to prepare for my colonic.

Fliss was extremely professional,
discreet and made me feel very safe and reassured at a time I imagine when most people would feel incredibly vulnerable! The colonic was gentle, incredibly effective and thus deeply cleansing. In fact, the whole experience with Fliss was deeply cleansing. This beautiful, spiritual lady is passionate about what she does and displays compassion and empathy in abundance.

Over the six months I have known Fliss, she has become a very important and trusted friend in my personal healing journey and offers me, unequivocal and authentic support wherever she can. It is a very personal belief, but I believe that she has done more for me than any conventional medicine could have.

In conclusion, I couldn’t recommend this beautiful soul enough if you are seeking one of the many treatments she offers.
Don’t just take my word for it. Get along and experience the magic for yourself. ❤️


I have visited a number

I have visited a number of colonic therapists over the last 30 years but, with the exception of one who is now retired, none have come even close to the professionalism and ability of Felicity Jay. Fliss’s all encompassing, caring and intelligent approach is rare to find. Her busy work schedule and incredible list of repeat and long standing clients speaks for itself. Over the last 10 years of visiting Fliss she has demonstrated, time and time again, her talent and insight in not only spotting but solving health issues or flagging them up for discussion with a medical professional. Fliss’s body work /massage skills are incredible and of the highest standard – and as someone who once headed over 200 health spas worldwide, I do not give that praise lightly.


Felicity is a highly intuitive

Felicity is a highly intuitive and gifted woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her passion to support and help others shines through.

If you wish for a deeper more in tune session with presence and focus this is the way to come.

I felt instantly at ease and relaxed in her presence and trusting in her guidance.
My own traumas surfaced and I felt energetically held and seen as a Soul more than just a physical body.

This in depth connection and flow with energy brings about profound healing and shifts.

Felicity will guide you back to yourself, your health and your awareness for life.

I highly recommend any treatments with her!

A blessing to this World
Thank you Felicity

Love, Kaylee Jewel

Kaylee Bradley

You have not had a

You have not had a colonic until you have seen Felicity. One session is a complete clearing of mind, body & soul. Felicity is a true gem, her open heart and kindness shine a bright light. Hers is a presence that must be experienced. Each session is powerful beyond words and I am so grateful that I have found her and her work.


I love this lady!!

I love this lady!! I came to Fliss feeling absolutely broken and the first thing she did was give me a big hug. She has an amazing, positive energy that makes you feel very welcome, safe and relaxed. The first time I had a colonic I was nervous and didn’t know quite what to expect despite reading the reviews however, the expertise in which Fliss practices immediately put me at ease.

The treatments I receive have made me feel brilliant but I can honestly say, it is Fliss and her infectious personality that puts a smile on my face and a positive skip in my step! Thank you so much Lovely Lady xxx


Felicity is amazing!! Her phenomenal

Felicity is amazing!! Her phenomenal experience and knowledge shine through, as does her care and compassion to ensure that the session is as comfortable as it can be. Every thought and care has been applied to her beautiful clinic, including the attention to detail in the messages and signs, she has created a truly wonderful relaxing yet clean and professional environment, that I felt I could easily trust.

The experience of colonic hydrotherapy is unusual, but also remarkable. I have realised that detoxing and simply cannot work and we can’t truly be healthy if the colon isn’t clean, and so it feels like an important commitment to make to my health to have a regular session – and Felicity’s clinic is the only place I would ever want to go!

Danica Apolline