I have adapted my own way of working with bodies now after 35 years of doing it, so rather than offering a menu of different techniques, I combine a few to create a unique and deep healing experience using essential oils, pulsing, deep tissue, Reiki, mobilising joints, releasing fascia, using breath, infra red heat lamp, including back, neck, legs head, face, belly and feet.

My sessions are usually an hour and a half but can be booked for two hours as well.


Lifestyle can be the cause of longevity or disease, we learn from our parents and upbringing and social environment, habits are often hard to break, we may not know our real choices or how to get off the treadmill, but there is always HOPE because if you want to change your life, you will need to be doing something differently!.



Moxibustion Is also a Chinese tradition. It is the herb Mugwort which is lit and whilst smouldering is used to heat certain acupuncture points to increase energy flow and reduce pain.

Gua Sha

Gua means scraping and sha means bruises! Is another eastern technique which involves repeatedly scraping the oiled skin with a blunt coin like tool, It is painless and rhythmic, but reveals stagnation in certain areas and can leave some bruising (not always) can be used to boost the immune system and relieve pain too and can be incorporated into a bodywork session if needed.

To purchase high quality 100% certified jade and rose quartz  gua sha tools, go to

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles are another gentle therapy that involves lying on your side and placing a lit ear candle in one ear at a time.

It’s sounds like you’re listening to a shell with whooshing sounds and it has a chimney like action so it gently draws and can release balls of hard wax or release glue ear or help with sinus congestion or migraines or ear aches or tinnitus.

They are safe to use on children too! Each ear takes about 5 minutes you’re usually asleep by the end of the session!.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese healing art. It promotes healing and balance through channelled energy, and hand placements, it is deeply relaxing and healing.

I have trained up to master level and incorporate it in my bodywork sessions and also is available just as a 45 minute session on its own