Where to begin!! I guess simply with my first appointment for Hydrotherapy.

When the beautiful and enigmatic Fliss opened the door to me, her vibrant yet calming energy was immediately apparent. She made feel instantly welcome as we sat together going through my Hydrotherapy form. She was thorough but not intrusive as we navigated through my necessary medical history. The whole feel of the clinic was so aptly serene with gentle and beautiful perfectly matched music. Very thoughtfully, Fliss had the most devine essential oils atomising in the air, subtle like a whisper, just enough to be heard.

After spending some considerable time listening to me and my emotional blockages (that I never even realised I had) I was softly shown to the changing room to prepare for my colonic.

Fliss was extremely professional,
discreet and made me feel very safe and reassured at a time I imagine when most people would feel incredibly vulnerable! The colonic was gentle, incredibly effective and thus deeply cleansing. In fact, the whole experience with Fliss was deeply cleansing. This beautiful, spiritual lady is passionate about what she does and displays compassion and empathy in abundance.

Over the six months I have known Fliss, she has become a very important and trusted friend in my personal healing journey and offers me, unequivocal and authentic support wherever she can. It is a very personal belief, but I believe that she has done more for me than any conventional medicine could have.

In conclusion, I couldn’t recommend this beautiful soul enough if you are seeking one of the many treatments she offers.
Don’t just take my word for it. Get along and experience the magic for yourself. ❤️