Felicity Jay is amazing! Actually she is more than amazing – she has helped change my life and outlook on life .

My first consultation I was a little nervous; having a colonic is scary as it is but from the start of the consultation I was made to feel at ease and relaxed. This helped me to open up to Felicity which in turn allowed the consultation to be highly effective. I cannot thank Felicity on the time she spends with each person, getting to know them and looking at ways to help with pretty much all aspects of life; A happy gut = a happy life after all!

Very professional, very engaging and understanding, knowledgable on a array of topics, and able to build a real connection which for me I find quite hard usually!

Have had 3 or 4 colonic Sessions with Felicity now and definitely feel the benefits. Will continue to keep booking in my sessions. Thank you so much!