Felicity Jay – Well, she’s a fantastic hydrotherapist and absolutely lovely person. I had had about 10 colonics before I saw Felicity and to be honest, I will never go back to them. I felt amazing after the first treatment and completely amazed by the second one. I have never felt unblocked, cleared like that ever I don’t think. What a wonderful person – I will never forget this and hope I can travel down at some point. Easy to build a fantastic rapport with Felicity
What to say?? Fliss is technically brilliant in everything she does whether that’s doing her detox retreats, giving a massage or a colonic. However the ‘X’ factor that she brings to her work is something else entirely – the space that she creates and the open-heartedness she brings into it is truly inspirational. After a week of ‘all of the above’ I feel clear, centred and excited about getting back to the ‘real’ world. I feel inspired to be (even!) better than before – the experience has changed me. So, gratitude, love and respect to you and in the words of the next president of the U.S. “I’ll Be Back!!”
Hubby insisted I “did” something to help myself and I found you! What a miracle. That first colonic was an amazing experience and thanks to you I’m starting to regain control of my own body! Not only are you fantastic at what you do, but you do it with tact, grace and understanding. I thank the Gods the day I found you on the net. Bless you hun
Having never had a colonic, I imagined they were icky, dirty and generally unpleasant. Felicity put me at ease and in fact the whole process was extremely clean and very relaxing. You feel rejuvenated and completely energised after. Add to that the huge favour you are doing your colon and your body and you’ll keep doing these forever. I certainly will and definitely with Felicity!
You have quite simply changed my life – in many perspectives. After 10 years of not being able to go to the loo – and being on medication for the same period of time – I’m now a once a day girl(!) with no medication (just a huge glass of green juice a day)! Not only that but you’ve given me the spiritual and emotional strength and energy to make a big turning point career wise. I feel blessed to have met you – I can’t thank you enough – I never thought this could be me. With much love
I hesitated for a very long time and saw two other nutritionalists before I decided to see Felicity and have a colonic and WOW! After two days I was like a new person. I not only feel physically better, but my whole attitude is changing. All her advice really works and very quickly. I’m telling all my friends who are struggling the same way. Many thanks. Forever grateful.
When I first saw Fliss I saw how healthy and vibrant she looked and felt envious. Now, with her wonderful help, I feel energised, awake and more alive than I have done for years. Thank you so much for making such a difference to my life!
Wow. Splendid. So glad I followed my intuition/feelings to try a new colonic-y person. Feeling loved, calm. Really like your way! Thanks. Love